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King Street Dentistry | Cambridge | Sedation Dentistry in Cambridge

Nitrous Oxide Sedation


If the sounds, smells, and dental environment makes you nervous or anxious, you may have dental anxiety.  

This is a very common feeling with some patients so we've made sure to offer nitrous oxide as a sedation option.  

What is Nitrous Oxide? 

Nitrous oxide or "laughing gas" allows patients to forget about their environment and ongoing procedures so they can relax and stay calm.  

Freezing is used to eliminate any potential discomfort or pain. This also allows the nitrous oxide is inhaled through a nose piece during you procedure and monitored by our trained team.  

Can Nitrous Oxide Be Used on Children? 

Nitrous oxide is a viable sedation option for children as there are no post-operation sedative effects or lingering side effects.


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